Where can you secure freedom with consistent apartment rent income ?

Walk The Talk

Where can you double your money every 5 years with virtually no risk?

Walk The Talk

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% Own Money On the Line
% Local Presence
% top cost & tech rank
% Walk The Talk

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How often do people or companies do what they say and say what they do?

We are NDeeD, a multifamily real estate operator, investor, syndicator, and sponsor whose mission is to walk people to secure freedom with consistent apartment rent income. We reimagine apartments, restore communities, and reward investors.

We deliver because we have:
(1) Focus: only specific top Markets
(2) Boots: on the ground
(3) Skin: our own money on the line
(4) Efficiency: with cost and tech leadership
(5) Walk: Our relentless commitment to Walk The Talk.

Walk The Talk is our pledge to Do what we Say and Say what we Do. Double investor money every 5 years and have Tax benefits investing passively in Apartments without tenant headaches. Did you work too hard for your money to watch it gyrate in stocks & bonds?

Live Large is our pledge to deliver our residents and our Investors exceptional value through cost leadership, technology, and expertise.

People First is our pledge to deliver our residents and our investors exceptional customer service, Our residents and our investors are the reason why we are here.

Over the last 14 years, we focus on Seven top ranked markets with 103 underlying submarkets: Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Baton Rouge, Atlanta, and Greenville (SC)


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